WG252-115V  WG252-220V / WG1012

Yamato WG Series Auto Still Lab Water Purification System


Yamato’s Auto Still multi-purpose water purification system come standard with water intake membrane filters to increase the life span of all consumables and a 30L(WG252) or 100L (WG1012) large storage tank capacity. The standard equipped membrane filters at feeding port protect pure water production from contamination. The WG series produces ASTM deionized water type 1 and type 2 distilled water kept in a 30L or 100L storage tank.


  • Two independent dispensers for water sampling

  • 7-inch LCD touch panel system

  • Consumable management functions

  • Trend graph

  • Easy replacement of ion-exchange resin

  • Large distilled water tank with capacity of 30L (WG252) and 100L (WG1012)

  • Easy to use slide out type water sampling tray with drainage eliminates concerns about overflowing water discharge

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  Control Panel

  Water sampling tray

  Independent Dispensers

Yamato WG Series Auto Still Lab Water Purification System
Technical Specs

Water purifying methodIon exchange→Distillation→Filtration
Purified waterDeionized water and distilled water
Distilled water production~1.5L/h~5L/h
Distilled water delivery rate~2.5L/min (with variable flow rate function)
Deionized water delivery rate~1.0L/min (with variable flow rate function)
Range of production0.1~30L / continuous water collection0.1~100L / continuous water collection
CondenserHard glass
HeaterCeramic heater 1.2kWCeramic heater 1.9kW x 2
Pre-treatment cartridge0.1µm hollow fiber + activated carbon (PWF-1)
Ion-exchange resin cartridgeCPC-S 4L x 1pc. (activated carbon high-purity cartridge)CPC-S 4L x 2pcs.(activated carbon high-purity cartridge)
Final filtration0.1µm membrane filter x 2
Leakage detectionWater leakage detector forcefully shuts off feed water solenoid valve when water leakage detected
Distilled water tank capacity30L polyethylene tank100L polyethylene tank
Distilled water UV sterilizationOptional
Water sampling traySlide out type, load-bearing capacity 10kg, for 5L beaker
Multi-purpose distilled water sampling portFor connecting Φ8 hard tube (right side of main body)
Raw water pressure range0.05-0.5 MPa0.1-0.5 MPa
Distilled water tank full water setting2, 10, 20, 30L10, 30, 60, 90L
Power source (50/60 Hz)AC115V 11A
AC220V 6A
AC220V 18A
External dimension*¹W540 x D570 x H775 mmW550 x D570 x 1715 mm
Water level displayLED display
Water quality displayDigital (conductivity or resistivity)
Other displayNotification: Consumables replacement / Periodic maintenance, Alarm: Water outage / Trend data recording impossible / Power failure / Distilled water quality deterioration, Abnormality: Controller / Water leakage / Heater overheating / disconnection / Tank water level gauge / Boiler water level, Water level gauge / Boiler drainage route / Cooling water / Water quality meter / Water sampling pump, / Ion exchange water flow reduction / Water sampling route
Accessories1 water supply hose (2 m), 1 water supply hose filter, 1 connection hose assembly, 1 can stone cleaner, 1 pretreatment cartridge, 1 ion exchange resin cartridge, 1 air vent filter, 2 membrane filters , 2 filter covers, 2 magnet hooks

*1. Protrusions not included


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