The future of cannabis is transforming.

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Transform your cannabis oil into cannabis powder. It lasts longer on shelves, costs less to transport, and mixes better with edibles and drinks. The future is transforming before your eyes. Be a leader.
Transform cannabis oils into cannabis powders and reduce warehousing and distribution costs
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Give your products longer shelf life and improved product uniformity for predictable, repeatable user experiences
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Do more in-house so you can sell more products to product manufacturers or make your own
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Stock products with exponentially better shelf life and give customers a better experience
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Learn how spray drying fundamentally

transforms the cannabis industry and how your business can lead the way

The legal cannabis market is growing up

You’re a grower, a distributor, a product manufacturer, or a retailer and you’re looking for an edge. A way to capture more of the market before your competitors do. To make your brand indispensable. Spray-dried cannabis products are the future of cannabis at every point in the supply chain.

Spray drying made the pharmaceutical industry what it is today. It’s synonymous with food production. And the brands adopting it in cannabis now are going to change the shape of the industry. See why you can’t afford to let your competitors do it first.

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We’re Yamato, and we’ve engineered industry-leading instruments for pharma, food, biotech, and other fields for more than a century. We build the lab-scale spray dryer that is widely regarded as the best in the industry, and we help businesses in emerging markets use technology to grow into leaders.

The cannabis industry is in a growth and consolidation phase, and the brands that come out on top are going to be the ones that find the best technology to support consumer demand and the logistical processes of the business - distribution, warehousing, retail selling.

We’ve seen it happen 50 times over the last 130 years in industries we support. Micro-emulsification of your cannabis products is the technology that will separate the winners from the losers. You can count on that. And you’ll find the best spray dryers to prove the concept and validate your process here.

Featured products
Here’s what other visionaries in the cannabis industry are using to transform, test, produce, and scale their powdered cannabis products.

Large Capacity Spray Dryer for Process Validation

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Compact, Value Priced Spray Dryer for Product Development

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Versatile Spray Dryer for Small Batch Testing

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Cannabis Vacuum Drying Oven

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Cannabis Rotary Evaporator

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Cannabis Lab Water Purification Systems

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