RE202-A  RE212-A / REV202M-A  REV212M-A

                                  Yamato RE Series Cannabis Industry R&D Rotary Evaporator

                                  The big brands don't make rotary evaporators for cannabis R&D. 

                                  This rotary evaporator is the only true cannabis R&D rotovap on the market today.

                                  Look at the rotation speed range on other models you price out. Nothing comes close to the 5~315 rpm range you get with your Yamato rotary evaporator.

                                  Because cannabinoids are extremely sensitive to heat, getting the right rotation speed and heat for your process is going to be the difference between capturing customers for life vs. capturing customers once. 

                                  And since you're performing R&D, you have to be careful with your costs. This rotary evaporator is priced attractively for emerging cannabis businesses - up to 20% lower than competing models from big brands.

                                  If you want to build a better process and make better products than your competitors, so you capture more of the market and keep it loyal, you need to do better research than them.

                                  They aren't using the right tools yet. You can get a head start.

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                                  These rotary evaporators help your business by: 

                                  • Allowing your lab scientists to experiment with precision processes other labs can't

                                  • Keeping your pre-product investment low - up to 20% lower than any competing rotary evaporator

                                  • Giving your scientists greater control over precision and variables

                                  • Testing methods other businesses don't have access to, and creating methods they never will

                                  • Keeping your valued lab staff happy. Showing them you're investing in the right instruments to support their work. And retaining them longer

                                  • Aligning with your corporate mission to reduce your carbon footprint (all Yamato lab equipment is built using low emission processes)


                                  • Cables stored neatly inside the AC adapter holder at the back of the main unit

                                  • Flexible glassware and bath position. You can put them on the left or ride side, depending on your dominant hand and the unit’s location

                                  • Rotary evaporator is equipped with a condenser insulation kit, which prevents condensation on the condenser’s surface

                                  • Anti-liquid stagnation glass condenser design, which improves durability of the vacuum seal

                                  • Has a servo-type motor with strong high torque, which sustains a stable rotation in large capacity flasks

                                  • Designed with a vacuum controller (REV models)

                                  RE202/212 Introduction Video


                                  RE202/212 Installation Video


                                  Yamato RE Series Cannabis Industry R&D Rotary Evaporator

                                  Technical Specs

                                  Model WITHOUT VACUUM CONTROLLER WITH VACUUM CONTROLLER

                                  (Glassware A)
                                  (Glassware B)
                                  (Glassware A)
                                  (Glassware B)
                                  Operating ambient temp. range
                                  Speed Range 5~315 rpm*³

                                  Evaporator Capacity Up to 23ml/min (water)
                                  Functions RPM display
                                  Digital display / Encoder dial setting

                                  Rotation mode
                                  Forward/Reverse/Auto reverse

                                  Spring-loaded jack
                                  Manual balance (Max. height 200 mm, stepless regulation, one-touch lock)
                                  Configuration Vacuum controller --- --- VR102S, installed above jack handle with attachment bracket

                                  Vacuum control solenoid valve
                                  OVR10, installed in the rear of stand base

                                  Rotary motor
                                  DC brushless (simple servo)

                                  Condenser retention --- Condenser bracket --- Condenser retention
                                  Safety Function Rotary evaporator
                                  DC motor: Motor overload protection, overvoltage, low voltage, rotation speed sensor error

                                  AC adapter: Short circuit in internal circuit, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection
                                  Vacuum controller --- --- Communication error, Pressure sensor error, Memory error, Leak error, High pressure error, Auto leak at error occurrence
                                  Cooling condenser
                                  Double corrugated tube

                                  (cooling surface: 0.143 m²)

                                  Suction port: GL-14
                                  (lower), Φ10 nozzle
                                  Suction Port: GL-14
                                  (upper), Φ10 nozzle
                                  Suction port: GL-14
                                  (lower), Φ10 nozzle
                                  Suction Port: GL-14
                                  (upper), Φ10 nozzle

                                  Cooling port: GL14 (two places in lower part), two φ10 nozzles
                                  Compatible evaporation flask
                                  0-2000ml for TS24. Use optional reducer to attach small flasks.

                                  Compatible receiving flask
                                  100-2000 ml

                                  External dimensions*² (W x D x H)
                                  719 × 324 × 534
                                  529 × 324 × 745
                                  719 × 324 × 534
                                  529 × 324 × 745

                                  Overall dimensions*² (W x D x H)
                                  744 × 365 × 534 554 × 365 × 745 744 × 365 × 534 554 × 365 × 745

                                  Power rating 50/60Hz
                                  RE202 and REV202M: 100-115V 1A
                                  with plug
                                  RE212 and REV212M: 200-230V single phase 1A
                                  no plug, round terminal

                                  ~10.0 kg
                                  ~10.5 kg
                                  Included Accessories
                                  Main unit
                                  AC adapter (1), power cable (1), bath guide (1), rear cover (1), single-sided tape fastener roll (1), double-sided tape fastener roll (1)

                                  Glass set
                                  Cooling condenser (type A/B)(1), rotary joint (1), evaporation flask (1), receiving flask (1), ball joint clamp (1), flask clip (1), vacuum seal (1), condenser insulation kit (1), condenser bracket (1) (for type B), hex wrench (1) (for type B)
                                  List Price
                                  $ 2,230 (with diagonal condenser and water bath)
                                  $ 2,360 (with vertical condenser and water bath)
                                  $ 3,720 (with diagonal condenser and water bath)
                                  $ 3,850 (with vertical condenser and water bath)
                                  *¹ Performance data above based on 23 ±5°C room temperature, 65%RH ±20% humidity, and no process load.
                                  *² Dimensions excludes protrusions.
                                  *³ Applicable rotation speed range and sample volume depend on the capacity of evaporation flask.

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