Yamato GB210A Versatile Mini Spray Dryer

New spray drying technology is fundamentally changing the cannabis industry, with cannabis micro-powder positioned to be the most in-demand product in the next five years. Early adopters of new spray drying technology will benefit most, and the Yamato GB210A spray drying unit is an excellent, versatile, user-friendly model to help your business grow. 

The Yamato GB210A mini spray dryer is compact, versatile, and can easily produce cannabis powder on a lab scale. The GB210A spray drying unit is capable of drying ultra small samples, as low as 30mL, and can spray dry your cannabis oil into fine, premium powder of 1μm to 25μm in size. 

Every one of our spray drying systems are carefully designed and built to match your essential needs, and the GB210A is no exception! Obtain a combination of high performance and versatility, at a more affordable price.

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Yamato GB210A Versatile Mini Spray Dryer

Spray drying allows manufacturers, distributors, retailers and growers to create products that last longer on shelves, cost less to transport and mix better with consumer products than oils. Benefits of using the GB210A to create premium cannabis powder include:

Lower shipping costs

Spray drying reduces your product’s weight and volume, making it more cost-effective to ship (and leading to huge savings over time)

Easier storage

Powder is astronomically easier to house than oil.

Longer shelf life

The average shelf life of a spray dryer product is over one year. 

Absolute solubility

Water and oil don’t mix. Cannabis powder mixes into edibles and drinks better.

A more consistent product

Spray drying makes it easier to produce standardized, cannabinoid-infused products.

Fast-acting, predictable and repeatable experiences

With an onset of 20 minutes, effects that can last up to 4 hours, and a consistent product, customers get a more predictable experience.

More eco-friendly choice

From production to shipping, cannabis powder is proven to be a more eco-friendly alternative.

Lab-scale process validation

Produce consistent results for customers, and ensure your product development can keep up with demand with scalable, spray drying technology.

Yamato GB210A Versatile Mini Spray Dryer

The GB210A spray dryer is built with features that can benefit the cannabis industry at every point in the supply chain: cultivation, production, supplier and retail. 


Convenience and efficiency to your business is key. The GB210A spray dryer model employs a one-touch removal system, which makes removal and cleaning of the drying chamber, cyclone, and product container much easier. An automatic lift is equipped as standard to enable easy installation or removal of glass drying chamber attachment

Improved safety

Cannabinoids can be unstable at high temperatures. With this model, your products can be reliably processed into fine powder without any damage to your sample, with heat applied instantly and indirectly to the powder itself.

Quality end product

Your end product will be fine, pure, contaminant-free powder which is not oxidized and contains minimal posture


Directly drying your oil product into fine powder, with no pre- or post-processes (including filtration, separation or pulverization) required.

It comes with a unique peristaltic pump, nozzle cooling mechanism, pulse jet mechanism and a nozzle knocker for stable spray drying. Spray dryer is designed for aqueous soluble samples. When organic solvent is used, a GAS410 organic solvent recovery unit is required. A service outlet (max. 2A) and a sample stand are equipped as standard for connecting a magnetic mixer for stirring suspended liquid sample. In addition, the GAS410 spray dryer has the ability to process samples containing organic solvents by connecting the Organic Solvent Recovery Unit GAS410 to the spray dryer. The unit can also be used as a fluid bed drying granulator by installing a separate mini bed attachment GF200 instead of GF300 spray drying attachment.

Yamato GB210A Versatile Mini Spray Dryer

No. | Part name

1. Heater
5. Spray nozzle
7. Liquid sending pump
8. Blower, exhaust filter
10. Solenoid valve
11. 3-way Solenoid valve
12. Needle valve
13. Pressure meter
14. Nozzle cooling port
15. Inlet temperature sensor
16. Outlet 
temperature sensor 
17. Blind
18. Suction Port, suction filter
19. Nozzle cooling connection port
20. Drying chamber
21. Cap
22. Distributor
23. Cyclone
24. Product collecting container


Spraying Nozzle

Two-way Nozzle System

Tip of the Nozzle comprises of a nozzle for liquid and a nozzle for gas.

Easy to take apart for cleaning to prevent contamination

Nozzle for liquid (F)

Nozzle for gas (A)

Model Nozzle No. Size (um)
1A (Standard) (F) 1650

(A) 64
A 406
B 1270
C 1626
1 (F) 2050

(A) 64
A 508
B 1270
C 1626
2A (F) 2050

(A) 70
A 508
B 1270
C 1778
2 (F) 2850

(A) 70
A 711
B 1270
C 1778
3 (F) 2850

(A) 64
A 711
B 1270
C 1626

Yamato GB210A Versatile Mini Spray Dryer
Technical Specs

Model GB-210A
Temp. Adjusting Unit Setting Range 40 to 220°C (inlet temperature), 0 to 98°C (outlet temperature)
Temperature Adjusting Accuracy
Inlet temperature ±1°C
Spraying System
Two-way nozzle, Nozzle No. 1A as standard
Drying Air Amount Adjusting Range
0 to 0.7 m³/min
Spray Air Pressure Adjusting Range
Liquid Sending Pump Flow Rate Range
0 to 0.3 MPa 
0 to 26 ml/min
Spray Air Line Washing Function
Spraying at the nozzle tip, manual pulse jet system
External Output
Inlet temperature, outlet temperature, temperature outlet (4-20 mA)
Automatic Lift
Moving up/down of glass chamber automatic lift
Temperature Adjusting Device
PID digital
Touch Panel
Blower, heater, liquid sending pump, pulse jet switch, error display
Control Select Switch
Inlet temperature, outlet temperature control switch (outlet temp. control is conditional)
Temperature Sensor
K thermocouple
2.0kW (at 200V) to 2.88kW (at 240V)
Liquid Sending Pump
Fixed amount peristaltic pump
Spraying Air Pump
For water soluble samples air compressor is used (sold separately). For organic solvent samples the integrated compressor in GAS410 is used (no separate air compressor required).
Service Outlet
For stirrer: AC100V, Max. 2A
Suction Blower
Bypass blower, brushless DC motor
Suction filter, exhaust filter
Recovery Of Solvent
Use Organic Solvent Recovery Unit GAS410 (sold separately)
Spray Nozzle Cooling Mechanism
Connector: nipple x 2, O.D.:ø10.5 mm
Spray Air Connection Diameter
Nipple diameter: ø7 mm
Spray Air Pressure
Bourdon tube: 0.3 MPa
Exhaust Connecting Diameter
Safety Function
Inlet/outlet temperature overheat, sample feed reverse rotation mechanism, over current electric leakage breaker, nozzle connection error
External Dimension WxDxH
760 x 420 x 1350 mm
Power Supply
Single Phase AC200V~240V 50/60Hz 16~18A Switching of terminals necessary
Included Accessories
Silicon tube (with a stopper) x 3, tiron tube (with a stopper) x 2 exhaust duct (with one hose band) x 1, outlet temperature sensor, spray air tube, sample box, static electricity removal earth, Teflon braided hose 5m (with two hose bands), a container table
Recommended Operational Units
GAS410 Organic Solvent Recovery Unit, GWS410 Organic Solvent Washing Unit

Interested In Our Yamato GB210A Versatile Mini Spray Dryer?