Yamato GAS410 Organic Solvent Recovery System

New spray drying technology is fundamentally changing the cannabis industry, with cannabis powder positioned to be the most in-demand product in the next five years. Early adopters of new spray drying technology, including organic solvent recovery units, will benefit most. The Yamato GAS410 organic solvent recovery unit is used for spray drying applications requiring organic-based solvent solutions. It will help you set the pace of the rapidly evolving cannabis industry. 

Now, you can safely and effectively spray dry your cannabis samples using an organic solvent with Yamato’s GAS410 solvent recovery unit. The GAS410 unit is engineered with a highly secure N2 gas sealed circulation system, that prevents external discharge of toxic samples. 

This highly safe N2 gas sealed circulation system, which can be operated with a spray dryer unit. It’s a cost-effective solvent recovery unit, integrated with a freezer and compressor that eliminates the need for purchasing a separate device. The Yamato GAS410 model supports low-temperature drying of heat sensitive materials, like your cannabis powder. Spray drying and recovery of samples are performed with meticulously devised safety measures built into the unit itself. 

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Yamato GAS410 Organic Solvent Recovery System


Spray drying allows manufacturers, distributors, retailers and growers to create products that last longer on shelves, cost less to transport and mix better with consumer products than oils. Benefits of using the GAS410 to create premium cannabis powder include:

Lower shipping costs

Spray drying reduces your product’s weight and volume, making it more cost-effective to ship (and leading to huge savings over time)

Easier storage

Powder is astronomically easier to house than oil.

Longer shelf life

The average shelf life of a spray dryer product is over one year. 

Absolute solubility

Water and oil don’t mix. Cannabis powder mixes into edibles and drinks better.

A more consistent product

Spray drying makes it easier to produce standardized, cannabinoid-infused products.

Fast-acting, predictable and repeatable experiences

With an onset of 20 minutes, effects that can last up to 4 hours, and a consistent product, customers get a more predictable experience.

More eco-friendly choice

From production to shipping, cannabis powder is proven to be a more eco-friendly alternative.

Lab-scale process validation

Produce consistent results for customers, and ensure your product development can keep up with demand with scalable, spray drying technology.

Yamato GAS410 Organic Solvent Recovery System


The GAS410 organic solvent recovery unit is built with features that can benefit the cannabis industry at every point in the supply chain: cultivation, production, supplier and retail. 

Drying of easily oxidized materials is possible

Supports low temperature spray drying of cannabis materials, that are very sensitive and can easily deform with heat


Directly drying your oil product into fine powder, with no pre- or post-processes (including filtration, separation or pulverization) required.

Explosion Safety

With a closed loop nitrogen inert gas system, flammable or toxic solvents can be processed by combining a N2 gas-sealed circulation system and a solvent recovery system.

Eco-friendly alternative

An environmentally friendly option, with solvent recovery to minimize pollution

Compressor included

There is no need for a separate compressor to operate the ADL311SA when using organic solvent samples

No extra freezer or dehumidifier equipment needed

A dehumidifier (freezer) integrated in the GAS410, so no extra freezer/dehumidifier equipment is needed

Yamato GAS410 Organic Solvent Recovery System


No. | Part name

1. Capacitor
2. Sensor
3. Ball valve
4. Clamp
5. Recovery flask
6. Filter element
7. Filter case
8. Differential pressure meter
9. Flow meter (For induction of N2)
10. Compressor
11. Solenoid valve (For N2 control)
12. Flow meter (for measuring O2 density)
13. Filter
14. Pump
15. O2 sensor
16. Solenoid valve for exhaust
17. Blower
18. Solenoid valve (for introduction of N2)
19. Solenoid Valve (for air supply)

No. | Part name

A. O ring
B. Packing
C. Hose
D. Spray Nozzle
E. Tube
F. Aluminum honeycomb
G. Cap
H. Pressure meter
I. Needle Valve
J. 3-way valve
K. Solenoid Valve
L. Packing


Control Panel

Major control functions and detection function

- Closed system (N2 gas sealed circulation type)

- O2 density control function

- Flammable gas detection function

- Inlet temperature overheat detection function

- Outlet temperature overheat detection function

- In case of an abnormality, the alarm sounds and liquid flow stops

- Other self diagnostic functions

  • Detection of temp. sensor disconnection

  • Overheat prevention

  • Detection of absence of spray nozzle

Yamato GAS410 Organic Solvent Recovery System

Technical Specs

Model GAS410
Solvent Recovery System
Capacitor + freezer
Circulating Gas
N₂ gas (sealed circulation when connected to ADL311SA or GB-210A)
Circulating Volume Flow
0.12 to 0.65m³/min
Compressor (For Spraying)
Linear compressor integrated
Circulation Blower
Roots blower
Solvent Recovery Container
2L flask
Freezer Air-cooled condensation full-sealed type: 400W R404A
Solvent Recovery Mechanism
Capacitor cooling mechanism
Cartridge filter
Cooling trap temperature display monitor

Filter differential pressure meter (monitor for clogging of filter)

O₂ density display monitor

Blower wind amount adjusting volume
O₂ Sensor
Solid electrolyte (Zirconium) limit current type
For circulation to measure Oxygen
Safety Function
O₂ density meter, flammable gas alarm, electric leakage breaker, N₂ gas forced introduction (when removing nozzles)
External Size
W700 x D950 x H1,500 mm
~130 kg
Power Supply (50/60 Hz) Rated Current
AC200 to 240V 5A (15A)
Required N₂ Amount
15 L/h at 0.1 MPa
Included Accessories
Set of connection parts, anti-seismic clamps, interface cable, sample gas for gas alarm inspection, 2L flask


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