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Yamato Auto Still WG205 Small Capacity Water Purification System


Yamato’s Auto Still WG205 is an economical multi-purpose benchtop high purity water purification system with 20L tank capacity. It is equipped with a pre-treatment cartridge to increase the life span of all consumables.  In addition, it displays alerts for consumable replacements and keeps track of replacement history. The WG205 produces ASTM type 1 deionized water and type 2 distilled water kept in a 20L storage tank.


  • Pre-treatment cartridge removes bacteria, trihalomethane, residual chlorine, organic and dust

  • High performance ion-exchange resin cartridge (CPC-S, 4L) brings high purity water with low electric conductivity and TOC

  • Optional membrane filter at water sampling port

  • Displays replacement of consumables

  • Equipped with automatic bolier drainage function

  • Compact. Can be installed in areas with limited space.

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  Control Panel

  Membrane Filter

Pre-treatment cartridge

Yamato Auto Still WG205 Small Capacity Water Purification System
Technical Specs

Water purifying methodIon-exchange→Distillation
Purified waterDeionized water and distilled water
Distilled water production *¹~1.5L/h
Distilled water delivery rate *²~1.5L/min
Deionized water delivery rate *¹~1.0L/min
Range of production *¹ Continuous production
CondenserHard glass
HeaterCeramic heater 1.2kW
Pre-treatment cartridge0.1µm diameter hollow fiber + activated carbon
Ion-exchange resin cartridgeCPC-S 4L x 1pc. (activated carbon high-purity cartridge)
Final filtrationOptional membrane filter
Leakage indicationWater supply solenoid valve forcibly shut off when water leakage detected
Distilled water tank capacity20L polyethylene tank
Multi-purpose distilled water sampling portRight side of main unit, 1pc.
Water level sensorFloat switch 2-stage detection
Raw water pressure range0.5~5 MPa
Power source (50/60 Hz)AC115V 11A with external transformer
AC220V 6A with external transformer
External dimension*W540 x D575 x H775 mm
Water level displayCommunication pipe water level indication
Water quality display5 steps conductivity LED indication
Other displayReplacement of consumable parts (ion- exchange resin cartridge)
Included accessoriesWater supply hose (2m), water supply hose filter, connection hose assembly, can scale cleaner, pretreatment cartridge, ion exchange resin cartridge

 * Performance based upon RO / DI or Distillation Feed (< 20 uS/cm, < 50 ppb of TOC, 0.2 micron filtration)


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