Yamato ADP Series Vacuum Drying Ovens

The right vacuum oven makes you more efficient by ensuring the production of quality cannabinoid products takes less time, and proceeds to market faster. Which, ultimately, leads to happy customers and helps your bottom line. Vacuum ovens also help you produce higher quality products, and are great for drying cannabis flowers to remove residual solvents and prevent development of mildew and mold.

The Yamato ADP vacuum oven is a standard, small sized benchtop vacuum drying oven that comes with enhanced safety features. Yamato vacuum ovens come from more than a century of experience building exceptional-quality lab instruments. They're already used by biotechs working on innovative cannabis products across the country, and they pair perfectly with other Yamato lab-scale instruments - making your workflow easier. Learn more below and contact us to request a quote.

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Performance & functions:

  • Easy input of parameters and settings

  • Digital PID controller supports fixed temperature, quick auto-stop, auto stop, auto start and program operations

  • Self-diagnostic and overheating prevention functions

  • Silicon rubber door seal prevents air from leaking

  • Independent over heating prevention device for each circuit

  • Customizable with N₂ gas inlet and communication ports

  • Calibration off-set function

  • Easy maintenance

Safety features

  • Sensor trouble detection, SSR, short circuit detection, heater disconnecting  detection,  memory  error,  overheating  and measurement temperature error

Yamato ADP Series Vacuum Drying Ovens
Sample Installation with Cold Trap and Vacuum Pumps


Rubber Hose ID 16mm x 5'/1500mm
Hose Clamp for ID: 7/16" - 11mm hose

GLD-137CC Pump 100-200V
Oil Mist Trap OMT-200A
Hose port ttype suction pipe (O18xM20xP1)
Square adapter 50mm for suction port
Rubber Hose 5', ID 16mm
Hose Clamp (ID:1")


Control Panel


Yamato ADP Series Vacuum Drying Ovens
Technical Specs

Model ADP200C

Vacuum drying by decompressed chamber direct heating
Operating Temp. Range
Operating Pressure Range
101~0.1kPa (760~1 Torr)
Temp. Control Accuracy
±1.5°C (at 240°C)
Max. Temp. Reaching Time
Interior Material
Stainless steel
Temp. Control Method
PlD control by microprocessor
Temp. Setting Method
Digital setting by ▲/▼ keys
Temp. Display Method
Measurement temp.: Digital display by green LED / Setting temp.: Digital display by red LED
1 min. to 99 Hrs. 59 min. and 100 Hrs. to 999 Hrs. and 50 min. / Digital display
Mica heater / 0.68kW
Mica heater / 1.05kW
Heat Insulating Material
Rock wool
Observation Window
Tempered glass (12 mm thickness) and polycarbonate resin plate
Vacuum Gauge
Bourdon tube type, 0~0.1 MPa (Gauge pressure)
Safety Device
Self diagnostic functions (Heater, Sensor, SSR short circuit, automatic overheat prevention function), over current electric leakage breaker, overheating prevention device
Internal Dimensions WxDxH
200 x 250 x 200mm
300 x 300 x 300mm
External Dimensions WxDxH
400 x 412 x 603mm
500 x 465 x 705mm
Internal Capacity
Shelf Loading
~15kg / pcs
Shelf Rest Step Number
2 steps
3 steps
Shelf Rest Pitch
Vacuum Port
Power Source
AC115V 6A (with plug)
AC220V 3.5A (no plug, round terminal)
AC115V 9.5A (with plug)
AC220V 5A (no plug, round terminal)
Included Accessories
Shelf plate (Aluminum perforated metal) 2 pcs.
Shelf plate (Aluminum perforated metal) 3 pcs.
List Price
$ 2,920
$ 3,700


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