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Cannabis Lab Water Purification Systems

Most lab water purification systems and the filters they use are manufactured overseas. 

Why does that matter? 

Because the filters don’t last forever. They expire. And when you pay for ultrapure water filters that come from overseas, you pay for them to travel in a shipping container, slowly expiring. 

By the time most lab water purification systems and filters arrive in the USA, they’re ⅓ to ½ expired. You reach that expiration date before you reach the filter’s capacity. 

So, right now, ⅓ to ½ of the budget you spend on your ultrapure water filters right now is wasted.

Unless you use a Yamato Auto Pure type 1 water purification system. The filters are made in the USA. They’re fresh when you get them (usually within weeks of manufacture). So you get the full value from each filter you purchase.

It behooves you to be responsible with your budget. Especially if you’re opening a new lab in an existing biotech or you’re a cannabis startup. 

  • You pay less for a Yamato cannabis lab water purification system than a competing manufacturer’s system

  • You get fresh filters

  • You get better value out of every filter for the next 10 years. Yamato cartridges filter a greater volume of water per cartridge than any other manufacturer, and give you a price per liter of media that is HALF of the next closest competitor.

How much budget does your cannabis lab spend on ultrapure water? How would you like to cut that significantly right now?

Stop wasting half your ultrapure water budget.

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The nitty gritty

With a Yamato Auto Pure type 1 water purification system, water is purified using a staged purification process.

This includes:

  • High-purity ion exchange resins to remove dissolved minerals

  • Ultraviolet light for bacteria sterilization and TOC reduction.

As water exits the system, a final filter removes particulates and bacteria to reach type 1 water specifications.

And it does it for about half the cost of the water purification system your lab is using right now.

  Flow Diagram

Additional System Components

Product Code Description

Installed Options and Accessories*
 Direct Feed Port
Recirculating Dispensing Gun
Wall Mount Bracket
Cartridges and Filters**
Dual Conditioning Cartridge (RO Feed)
Dual Conditioning Cartridge (SDI / TAP Feed)
Polishing Ultrapure Cartridge
Polishing Ultrapure Low Organics Cartridge
0.2 Micron Capsule Final Filter - 1/4” MNPT x 1/4” hose barb
0.2 Micron Capsule Final Endotoxin Filter - 1/4” MNPT x 1/4” hose barb

Ultrafilter - 3/8” Quick Disconnect Fitting
 UV Bulb 254/185nm TOC Destruct
Sanitization Kit (includes cartridges, test strips, and gloves)

Other WC Series Configuration (includes TOC Monitor)
Product code
Benchtop - with UV Oxidation Lamp and TOC Monitor 120V/60Hz
Benchtop - with UV Oxidation Lamp and TOC Monitor 220V/50Hz
Remote Dispense Configuration - with UV Oxidation Lamp and TOC Monitor 120V/60Hz
Remote Dispense Configuration - UV Oxidation Lamp and TOC Monitor 220V/50Hz

Want to cut your price per liter of ultrapure water in half?