Choose a better cannabis vacuum oven to test, validate, and scale your product processes

The cannabis industry is transforming fast. And the competition is growing, too. Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and growers - you need the right tools in your toolbelt, to maintain your edge and set yourself apart from competitors.

If you’re planning to make new cannabis powders with your spray dryer, you need the supporting lab-scale equipment to make products that reflect the quality of your brand. 

With an industry best Yamato vacuum oven, you’re equipped to develop industry best cannabis products and transform your business into the industry leader.

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Your lab might be using lower quality vacuum ovens built by manufacturers trying to make a quick buck in the explosive cannabis industry. Yamato vacuum ovens come from more than a century of experience building exceptional-quality lab instruments. Our expertise is here to help your business make a better product. 

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How does the magic happen?

Essentially, the drying oven removes moisture, gas, and other volatile chemicals from products. Drying items in a vacuum oven reduces oxidation, gently dries delicate products, and reduces your risk of being exposed to harmful chemicals.

Producing cannabis products the old-fashioned way has impacts on safety, efficiency, and your bottom line. There's a substantial fire hazard, and your drying process makes production hard to sustain - let alone scale.

A good vacuum oven solves these issues. It dries cannabis without activating and wasting the terpenes and cannabinoids your product needs.

A smart way to produce high quality, consistent products

Vacuum ovens are suitable for off-gassing solvents in cannabis production. Using a vacuum drying oven to purge solvents is cost-effective because it removes steps from your extraction process. 

The primary mechanism for drying in a vacuum oven is the vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber reduces atmospheric pressure, which reduces the boiling point of solvents in cannabis. This allows vacuum ovens to evaporate unwanted materials from their samples without burning them (similar to how the boiling point of water reduces at higher elevations). Typically, cannabis is placed under vacuum pressure and the chamber is set to maintain a temperature of 85ºF (29.4ºC) for anywhere from 8 to 36 hours. 

Using a vacuum oven will result in a purer and more compliant product, which is safer and more likely to pass the required residual solvent testing.

Here's how it works:

Your product's residual solvent is evaporated in the vacuum chamber, then pulled out of the chamber by the vacuum.

This leaves behind a purified oil extract. Because the temperature can be set around 
85ºF (29.4ºC), it greatly reduces the risk of fire when using solvents.

As a result, your extracts are processed faster, and more importantly, more safely.

Don’t invest in a vacuum oven that’s just fine...
Invest in the success of your business with a better instrument that will last longer and pay you back more value

Today, vacuum ovens have become significant in processing cannabis oil.

With the right vacuum oven, your extracts will be processed more safely, and more quickly.

But those aren't the only benefits.

The right vacuum oven makes you more efficient. Ensuring quality won't take as long. And you can move products to market faster. Which ultimately makes your customers happy and helps your bottom line.

And you're producing higher quality products. And vacuum ovens are also great for drying cannabis flowers to remove residual solvents and prevent the development of mildew and mold. Doing this is crucial to guarantee product quality before these are rolled out to customers.

Invest in the right equipment

As effective as they may be, not all vacuum ovens are created equal. Vacuum ovens are expensive pieces of equipment. They're an investment that cannabis product manufacturers should put time and research into, as there are many options out there and no two vacuum ovens are the same. 

You need to ensure your vacuum oven is easy to optimize for precision and built with the features you need. That's why it's important to find the right partner. One who knows your industry, and one who has worked successfully in similar industries.

Yamato knows vacuum ovens
And your industry

We've been delivering innovative, industry-leading instruments to pharma, food, biotech, and other fields for more than a century. For over 130 years, industry leaders in academic, clinical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and environmental industries have trusted Yamato technology to do their best work. We've been supporting emerging markets, and helping early adopters get ahead.

And now, we’re working with dozens of cannabis companies to find better instruments and improve their product development processes.

Yamato drying vacuum ovens are among the most well-engineered in the world. We are helping innovators accelerate the cannabis industry by adapting revolutionary tools like the spray dryer and must-haves like the rotary evaporator to your market and your needs.

Our vacuum ovens are well suited for cannabis product extraction. We offer laboratory ovens presenting valuable features, as well as easy and secure operations at different price points to match your budget. With basic, advanced, and premium vacuum ovens to choose from, and our team of experts ready to assist, we'll ensure you have the equipment you need to take your business to new heights.

Plus, to make sure your drying oven fits your demands and lab conditions. You can select your drying oven model according to its internal capacity, operating temperature and power source.

We know the cannabis industry. And we manufacture industry best vacuum ovens designed to make your business more successful.

Sound like the right move for your business?