WC301UVB / 311UVB / 301UVR / 311UVR

Analytical Low TOC Type 1 Ultrapure Water Purification System


Water is purified using a staged purification process which includes high-purity ion exchange resins to remove dissolved minerals, and ultraviolet light for bacteria sterilization and TOC reduction. As water exits the system, a final filter removes particulates and bacteria to reach Type I water specifications.


  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

  • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS)

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

  • Analytic Chemistry / Trace Organics

WC Series Configuration

  • Conditioning cartridge

  • Polishing cartridge

  • UV oxidation

  • 0.2 micron filter

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Made in USA

Low-cost of Ownership

Compact design

Quick change, cartridge – no tools needed

2.5 LPM* of 18 MΩ Type 1 reagent water on demand

Premium quality ion exchange resin

Intuitive, user-friendly touch screen interface

Large capacity, low cost consumable cartridges

Real time quality monitoring with leak detection

Replacement cartridges are fresh and made in the USA. 1 year shelf life.

  Flow Diagram

Type 1 Ultrapure Analytical Low TOC Water Purification System
Technical Specs

Remote dispense
18.2 MΩ-cm
< 1 cfu/ml
< 0.2 μm filtration
< 15 ppb
100˚F / 30˚C
90 PSIG Max. / 20 PSIG Min.
Flow Rate (Typical)
0.67 Gallons Per Minute / 2.5 Liters Per Minute
< 2.0 LPM with Ultrafilter & Endotoxin filter installed
Inlet Connection
3/8” O.D. Tubing / 9.53 mm O.D. Tubing
Dimensions (H X W X D)
21.6 in. x 14.7 in. x 14.4 in. (54.8 cm x 37 cm x 36.5 cm)
42 lbs. dry / 47 lbs. operating (22.7 kg dry / 25 kg operating)
Power Requirements
120V, 60 Hz @ 1.0 amp / 220V, 50 Hz @ 0.5 amp

 * Performance based upon RO / DI or Distillation Feed (< 20 uS/cm, < 50 ppb of TOC, 0.2 micron filtration)


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