Cannabis spray drying. Transform CBD oil to CBD powder, THC oil to THC powder, and watch your sales grow.

Innovative businesses in the cannabis space are making quiet investments in spray dryers. Why?

They want to be the first to produce high quality CBD powder, THC powder, and other cannabis powder with spray drying, so they can capture more market share on this product that will dominate the industry in 5 years.

Spray dryers transform cannabis oil into powder without losing any of the qualities cannabis products need. The resulting water-soluble cannabis powder lasts longer in storage, gives edible products a longer shelf life, transports at a lower cost per milligram of active ingredient, and mixes better with edible and drinkable products. 

Find the lab-scale spray dryer you need to use for proof of concept and process validation below. Complete your product development with the best lab-scale spray dryer in the industry. 

Large Capacity Spray Dryer for Process Validation

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Versatile Spray Dryer for Small Batch Testing

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Versatile Spray Dryer for Granulation and Powder

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Organic Solvent Recovery Unit

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In 5 years, spray dried cannabis powder will be the most in-demand product in the cannabis industry.

The business case is easy to make.

For growers:

  • Do more with your harvest by refining it into a product more manufacturers are going to want

  • Sell directly to product manufacturers or retailers, keeping more of the profits for your business

  • Make a name for yourself as a visionary and industry leader

For retailers:

  • Carry the products informed consumers know about early

  • Stock products regular customers will make staples as soon as they know about them

  • Establish your retail locations as places consumers can get cutting edge, high-quality products

  • You already have the relationships in place - maybe it’s time to expand into product development and carry in-house artisanal CBD powder and THC powder varieties

For product manufacturers:

  • Make a product that works better with your edibles and cannabis beverages than the oils you use now

  • Reduce the logistical costs of making your products - you need less storage space for CBD powder than you do for CBD oil. You can transport more active ingredient per pound in powder form than oil form too

  • Lose less product to spoilage, since spray dried cannabis powder lasts an extra year on the shelves vs. oil

  • Get an early start manufacturing a product everybody else is going to flock to in the next few years

For distributors:

  • Get contracts in place for a product that’s going to sell an explosive and increasing volume in the immediate future

  • Invest in technology and expand into in-house product manufacturing to keep more profits for yourself

  • Position your brand as a bold leader in the industry, willing to jump on opportunities and capture more business

  • Add value to the wholesale products you sell and sell at an even higher margin

Maintain a competitive edge and set your brand apart.

Transformed premium cannabis powder products last longer on shelves, reduce warehousing and distribution costs, and mix better with consumer products than oils.

Spray drying technology is already beginning to transform the cannabis industry. But this is only the beginning. The benefits to manufacturers, growers, distributors, retailers, and consumers are too substantial to ignore. Longer shelf life, better bioavailability, protection of volatile compounds, and faster onset windows, just to name a few.

Be a leader in the next cannabis revolution. 

It’s always scary testing new technology. 

Luckily, spray dryers are more than a hundred years old.

A brief history lesson: Spray dryers have been around since the late 19th century, but saw widespread implementation in World War II, when the dairy industry used them to produce milk powder for the military. With major technical advancements since then, you can do more with a spray dryer today than ever.

Every time a liquid has been converted to a shelf-stable powder, there's a good chance a spray dryer was involved. Spray drying made the pharmaceutical industry what it is today. It’s synonymous with food production. And now, it’s being used to shape the cannabis industry, too.

History in food

Spray drying has been used in food products for decades, with common examples including milk powders, instant coffees, and powdered flavors. Removing water from food vastly improves shelf life, and saves shipping and storage costs. Plus it allows for the addition of an emulsifier to a recipe, which makes it easier to process oil-based ingredients. 

History in pharma

The benefits seen in the food industry apply to pharma, too. Studies show that spray drying also improves a product's bioavailability, increasing the ability of the substance to be absorbed by the body. This has great potential benefits to customers in the cannabis industry, as well.

Now, visionaries in your industry are ready to unleash it on the cannabis market.

What makes these lab-scale spray dryers special?

The spray drying process dehydrates finely sprayed droplets in a hot convective medium, and converts the droplets into solid particles (powder). Yamato spray dryers are special because they achieve rapid drying with minimal heat exposure, resulting in no changes to the quality of the cannabis oil - minus that pesky liquid part. 

See for yourself.

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Yamato has been delivering innovative, industry-leading instruments to pharma, food, biotech, and other fields for more than a century. We're known for our spray drying expertise. As a matter of fact, we build the lab-scale spray dryer that’s widely regarded as the best in the industry.  

Over the last 130 years, we helped businesses in emerging markets use technology to grow into leaders. And we’ve seen a trend: the brands that come out on top are the ones that find the best tech to support consumer demand and build better processes. 

In addition to our vast, century-long industry experience, our commitment to value-added partnerships make us the perfect match for your next venture. 

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Micro-emulsification of cannabis products is the technology that will separate the winners from the losers over the next 5 years. You can count on that. And you'll find the best spray dryers to prove the concept and validate your process here.

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