Consumers want cannabis powder
Do you have it?

Word of mouth goes a long way. Get better products on your shelves, increase average customer orders, and make more money with products consumers talk about - cannabis powder and edibles made with it.

Spray drying is fundamentally changing the cannabis industry.
And it’s setting innovative retailers apart from their competitors. 

Spray dryers convert cannabis oil to cannabis powder:

Creating a product that mixes into edibles and drinks better than anything else
Providing a faster-acting and more predictable onset
Increasing product shelf life by a year or more

This is where the industry is going.

And you can get there first.

The business of cannabis retail is highly competitive. And it’s evolving, fast. The right partner not only helps you keep up. We help you set the pace. 

New tech makes it possible for your business to do more. Stocking your shelves with cannabis powder increases profits and sets you apart from the competitors. It identifies you as an early adopter. It makes you the first retailer to have something brand new on offer. A product with a multitude of benefits to consumers. A product that brings new business, and keeps them coming back.

But it’s up to you to find it.

 And that means putting pressure on the rest of the supply chain.

For growers:

  • Creating cannabis powder in-house from their own stock dramatically increases their profits

  • Internal product development helps their brand grow outside of their traditional place in the supply chain

For product manufacturers, the benefits are obvious.

  • Cannabis powder mixes into edible and drinkable products better than oil

  • They can buy larger quantities from distributors and store it in less warehouse space per milligram of bioavailability, reducing their logistical costs

For distributors, there are similar benefits:

  • The cost of transporting bulk cannabis products drops when using powder instead of oil (per milligram of bioavailability)

  • They can store a greater volume of product without worrying about spoilage and the associated lost profits

For consumers:

  • The edibles and drinkables they love will be even better

  • They will be able to make their own edibles at home more easily

  • The effects will be more predictable and repeatable

You’re in the best position to help your partners profit from this incoming industry standard.

And profit yourself!

You’re already an early adopter. Retailers like you saw opportunities in this industry early. Right now is another one of those moments. Another early opportunity for you to grow your business and capture more customers and more revenue. A chance to be the first to offer your customers new products that will become the gold standard. 

Together, we’ll help your business grow into the leader in powdered cannabis products. And we’ll make it really easy for you. Be a thought-leader and innovator in the next cannabis revolution. 

Is your supplier offering artisan cannabinoid powder yet? Ask them!

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Make your business indispensable.

And grow your profits.

This is a unique opportunity to put your business at an even better position in the nascent and competitive cannabis market. To offer a wider selection of edibles and beverage products. To offer your customers a more predictable experience. To bring something new to the table.

Forward-thinking retailers are already putting pressure on product manufacturers and distributors to produce more powdered cannabis varieties, like CBD powder and THC powder. Give your supplier a call, or take matters into your own hands and develop artisanal cannabis brands in-house, with industry-best technology. 

You’re here. That goes to show you’re already a leader. Partner with us to stay there.

The future of cannabis is micro. And you can catapult your cannabis business there today.

Spray dried cannabis powder will be the most in-demand product in the cannabis industry in 5 years.

Micro-emulsified premium cannabis powder products last longer on shelves, takes up less space per milligram of bioavailability, and mix better with consumer products than oils. 

Set yourself apart from the competition, by being the first to have cannabis powder on offer.

Want to start an in-house brand?

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You don’t have to be an expert yet.
But you will be.

Spray drying technology will transform the cannabis industry. The benefits to retailers and consumers are too substantial to ignore. Longer shelf life, better bioavailability, protection of volatile compounds, and faster onset windows are just a few of the benefits.

We all know that water and oil don’t mix. This poses a challenge for product manufacturers working with CBD and other oil-soluble plant extracts, because most products and supplements we use are not oil-based.

An activated, water-soluble cannabinoid powder enters the system quicker (with an onset window of about 20 minutes). And the powder’s solubility allows for simultaneous absorption through the mouth, intestines and liver.

Consumers aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit from cannabis powder. The CBD powder is easier (and more eco-friendly) to ship and store, has a longer shelf life, and makes it easier to produce standardized cannabinoid-infused products for repeatable, predictable consumer experiences. It’s a better business case for the entire supply chain, starting with you.

Learn how spray drying fundamentally

changes the cannabis industry and how your business can lead the way

The legal cannabis market is growing up.

You’re a grower, a distributor, a product manufacturer, or a retailer and you’re looking for an edge. A way to capture more of the market before your competitors do. To make your brand indispensable. Spray dried cannabis products are the future of cannabis at every point in the supply chain.

Spray drying made the pharmaceutical industry what it is today. It’s synonymous with food production. And the brands adopting it in cannabis now are going to change the shape of the industry. See why you can’t afford to let your competitors do it first.

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Early adopters will be industry leaders

Spray drying THC, CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC makes it easier to create consumable cannabinoid products that are economical, consistent, and effective. Converting CBD oil to micro powder has business-defining benefits.

You can fill your shelves with more products and never worry about the expiration date

Spray drying cannabis oil to create powder extends shelf life by a year or more, so your retail shop might never lose a single dollar to spoilage again.

You can show consumers you’re on the bleeding edge of the industry, and they’ll appreciate it

Consumers are talking about cannabis powder. When they see it on your shelves, they’ll be your customers forever.

You can cope with supply chain issues more easily

Because you can stock products on your shelves or in storage for longer, hiccups in your supply chain won’t leave you with empty space on your shelves.

You will watch your logistical costs go down

Moving products between multiple retail locations is easy. Powder is lighter and easier to move.

You’ll appeal to your environmentally conscious customers

Spray dried cannabis powder uses fewer chemicals than other processes, requires less fuel in transportation, and less product goes to waste. It’s a green proposition in more ways than one.

So get your suppliers on board or make your own in-house product.

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It’s a little bit of magic

You saw opportunities in this industry before everyone else. But it’s a competitive market out there. Whether business is booming, or you’re looking to set yourself apart, or just want to ensure you stay cutting-edge, now’s the time to explore new, leading technology that’s changing the industry. 

Spray drying dehydrates finely sprayed droplets in a hot convective medium, and converts the droplets into solid particles (powder). This is what makes Yamato’s spray dryers special. At the lab scale, they achieve rapid drying with minimal heat exposure - resulting in no changes to the quality of cannabis oil - minus the removal of the liquid elements. 

A liquid is sprayed through an atomizer into a chamber that contains streams of hot air. Quickly, the moisture evaporates. And leaves behind solid powder particles that fall to the bottom of the chamber.

Spray drying creates a uniform, water-soluble powder in just a few steps:

  • Preparation of the liquid cannabinoid oil

  • Adding the oil to your spray dryers

  • Atomization of the oil to create droplets

  • Drying of the droplets in a heated air stream 

  • Collection of the dried particles in water-soluble, powdered form

We see examples of spray drying in food and pharma all the time. Every time a liquid has been converted to a shelf-stable powder, there’s a good chance a spray dryer was used. Common examples include milk powders, instant coffees and powdered flavors. 

Now, early adopters across the cannabis supply chain are starting to use it with their own products, to create CBD powder and THC powder.

Who are we to tell you what to do?

We’re Yamato. And we’ve been delivering innovative, industry-leading instruments for pharma, food, biotech and other fields for more than a century. We also know spray dryers. We build the lab-scale spray-dryer that’s widely regarded as the best in the industry. 

Over the last 130 years, we’ve helped businesses in emerging markets use technology to grow into leaders. And we’ve seen a trend: the brands that come out on top are the ones that find the best tech to support consumer demand and support the day-to-day of their business. 

Micro emulsification of cannabis products is the technology that will separate the winners from the losers. You can count on that. Which side do you want to be on?

Cannabis powder will help your bottom line
The race is on to provide innovative, efficient, cost-effective, and consistent cannabis-infused products.

Spray dryers can be used to refine cannabis oils into powders. Stake your claim as the leading retailer in the powdered cannabis market.

With more enthusiasm and more consumers than ever, and legalization inevitable in an increasing number of states, the cannabis industry is evolving rapidly. There’s a way to be part of the evolution and help shape the industry.

You’re already cultivating the emerging cannabis industry the way you cultivate your finely selected products.

The future is coming. Be a leader.

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