Why is spray drying better for my cannabis business?
Growers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors are all benefiting

Spray drying technology is beginning to transform the cannabis industry. But it’s only the beginning.

The benefits to product manufacturers, growers, distributors, retailers and consumers are too substantial to ignore. From longer shelf life to better bioavailability, protection from volatile compounds to faster onset windows, spray dried cannabis powder will undoubtedly be the most in-demand product in the cannabis industry in the next five years. 

Now’s the time to make bold moves. 
We have been using spray drying technology for a century.

Set yourself apart from competitors. Capture more of the market. And help shape the future of the cannabis industry. Micro-encapsulated cannabis powder products mixes better with consumer products than oils and are more eco-friendly to produce. And while the application in cannabis may be new, the technology is not. 

Spray dryers are more than 100 years old, and have been a staple in the food, pharmaceutical industries to convert liquid to shelf-stable powder (everything from milk powder to antibiotic capsules). 

No matter where you fall in the supply chain, cannabis can help you take your business to new heights.

The business case is easy to make


There’s a void in the market, and someone has to fill it. Why shouldn’t that be you? 

Expand your business from distribution to product manufacturing by turning the bulk cannabis oil you sell into bulk cannabis powder you produce. And capture the market before your competitors do. 

Spray drying is good for wholesale suppliers and distributors. It allows you to:

  • Expand your reach: Get contracts in place for a product that’s going to sell an explosive and increasing volume in the immediate future.

  • Do more in-house: Invest in technology and expand into in-house product manufacturing to keep more profits for yourself.

  • Be the first: Position your brand as a bold leader in the industry, willing to jump on opportunities and capture more business.

  • Increase profits: Add value to the wholesale products you sell and sell at an even higher margin

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You started growing cannabis because you saw opportunities in the industry early. Before others did. You saw a chance to lead, and took it. 

Right now is another one of those moments for cultivators. Spray drying technology makes it possible to do more with your crop, increase your profits by cutting out the middleman, and producing cannabis powder in-house. 

Spray drying is good for growers. It helps you:

  • Do more in-house: Do more with your harvest by refining it into a product more manufacturers are going to want.

  • Increase your revenue: Sell directly to product manufacturers or retailers, keeping more of the profits for your business.

  • Set yourself apart: Make a name for yourself as a visionary and industry leader.

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Product manufacturers

You can be among the first to produce high quality cannabis powder that mixes into edibles and drinks better than anything else. That lasts longer on shelves. This is an opportunity to position your business as a leader, as the industry changes again. 

Innovative product manufacturers that refine dried cannabis into oils, gummies, beverages and other products are making quiet investments in spray dryers.

Spray drying is good for product manufacturers. It helps you:

  • Make a better product: Make a water-soluble product that works better with your edibles and cannabis beverages than the oils you use now.

  • Save big: Reduce the logistical costs of making your products. You can transport more active ingredients per pound in powder form than oil form.

  • Increase shelf life: Lose less product to spoilage, since spray dried cannabis powder lasts an extra year on the shelves vs. oil. 

  • Be the first: Get an early start manufacturing a product everybody else is going to flock to in the next few years.

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In such a competitive industry, word of mouth goes a long way. Give your customers something new, exciting, and just plain better to talk about by getting better products on your shelves, increasing orders, making more money and positioning your business as a leader in the cannabis industry. 

Spray drying technology is making it possible for innovative retailers to set themselves apart from competitors. And provide a multitude of benefits for consumers. And keep customers coming back for more. 

Spray drying is good for retailers. It helps you:

  • Be the first: Carry the products informed consumers know about early.

  • Sell better products: Stock products regular customers will make staples as soon as they know about them.

  • Set yourself apart: Establish your retail locations as places consumers can get cutting edge, high-quality products.

  • Do more in-house: You already have the relationships in place - maybe it’s time to expand into product development and carry in-house artisanal CBD powder and THC powder varieties.

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You’re already a leader.
You saw opportunities in this industry before the rest of us.

Spray-dried cannabis powder will separate the winners from the losers over the next five years. The right spray dryer will help you maintain your competitive edge, and set your brand apart.

If this sounds like the right direction for your business, be bold and…

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