Twitter opens up to CBD, THC advertising in the US
US cannabis companies can now enjoy increased reach and penetration on online media

Twitter recently announced that cannabis companies can advertise THC and CBD products on the platform. This could only mean  further normalization of cannabis as a consumer packaged good, moving towards mainstream acceptance. 

While social media advertising rules in Canada allowed advertising by legal marijuana businesses, it’s a different story for the United States. Questions still remain on Twitter’s new policy and its allowances but what’s clear is that it permits advertisers to promote brand preference and informational cannabis-related content. 

Cannabis industry executives could have access to Twitter’s entire suite of advertising products including:

  • promoted tweets 

  • promoted product opportunities

  • location-specific takeovers

  • in-stream video sponsorships

  • partner publication features

Twitter says that although they hold shared responsibility, the advertisers are solely tasked in complying with rules and regulations that are within community guidelines and standards. 

Twitter’s notable ad move could coax other digital advertising platforms to reconsider prohibitions regarding cannabis promotions. This leads us to question if Meta and others will follow suit. For one, Google’s Ad Platform recently lifted some of its restrictions on hemp and CBD advertising in select markets.

Once other social media platforms perceive the cannabis sector as a thriving and vibrant sector to engage in - with real money flooding in - they’d be foolish not to partner up with these companies. Cannabis industry players could take advantage of this relationship as they see how  this new segment of Twitter’s business turns out for good. It gives folks something to pay attention to. 

It's a win-win for both parties. 

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