Hotels Provide Unique New Partnership Opportunities for Cannabis Product Manufacturers
Cannabis tourism is fast becoming a premium hospitality concept. As more hotels are captivated by the wanderlust charm of being a cannabis-friendly space, CBD producers enjoy elevated opportunities for partnerships with hoteliers in a variety of ways, from edibles to toiletries. 

In 2018, Lord Jones was the first cannabis company to forge an official partnership with The Standard, a hotel chain that had eyes on stocking Lord Jones’ gumdrops in hotel minibars and lobby boutiques from Los Angeles to New York.

Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows in Santa Monica California extended their services to adult guests by giving them access to customized in-room menus featuring low-dose, non-inhalation hemp and cannabis products. Inspired by the property’s signature fig tree, they also offer custom-scented fig CBD-infused bath bombs.

In Portland Oregon, The Jupiter partnered with locally-based companies to make an “Everything But the Weed Kit”, a colorful travel pouch packed with the latest issue of Oregon Leaf, munchies, dispensary coupons, a Jayne vape pen, lighter and grinder, sophisticatedly made for its guests.

And amidst the CBD wellness craze, CBD manufacturers also see a spur of demand from hotels that are offering inventive, cannabis-infused treatments to their spa menus like CBD formula body lotions. Cannabis-centric hotel listing sites are also starting to offer databases of listing for marijuana enthusiasts.

Cannabis medicinal products continue to show strong clinical outcomes. This is heyday news for pharmaceutical THC/CBD suppliers and companies. 

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